About Us

We believe that the opportunity to pursue an education or life skill training will empower blind to become self-sustaining, contributing members of family ultimately to the society
Approximately 185,000 blind people live in Nepal, and a further 25,000 become visually impaired every year.
Eye health prevention and treatment in Nepal is at precarious stages of development. For many people with in the blind community the only option is to live with the condition.

Many blinds in the villages still do not go to school due to awareness and poverty. There is no accessible school in the villages. Many schools of Nepal have very poor facilities with many having no blackboard or desks. Classes often held outside because the school building does not have enough space for all grades to meet inside.

Some schools do not have enough trained teachers, resulting in very large classes. Many parents are too poor to provide school supplies for their children or to pay minimum fees. Thus, many children never go to school. Even, they attend; they drop out in the middle of school calendar.

Our mission is to awaken the third eye of the Nepalese blind community. Like every individual they have a light to dream and be independent. Blind people are blessed with an exceptional gift of feeling, drawing, and analyzing the world through the vision of their heart.
The Trinetra Foundation (TF) strives to enhance the skills of the blind further. We tailor educational programs that help provides the tools needed for the pursuit of personnel goals in a safe environment. We also provide services that assist in the fulfillment of aspirations for the people we serve.      

General Information:
Our guiding philosophy is to offer a platform to those who are in need to become independent.
Our aim is to identify their individual skills and help to enrich their life.
We want to make every blind person as capable of dealing with every day challenges as the rest of the community by empowering their lives through education.