Every blind child has hidden talents, but we need give them opportunity, likewise, TF has been offering a comprehensive musical education during leisure periods. The classes are conducted by a teacher who herself is partially blind. The students have choice of learning either Tabala, Harmonium or enhancing their vocals.

Since, the blind children are coming from different villages and they are not familiar with Kathmandu and other new places, therefore every blind child/youth needs mobility training. Likewise, TF is also providing mobility training to all blind children and even new comers as well.

Since the organization is working for blind children/youth and they never learnt daily activities in their house before, therefore, TF has been providing daily skill trainings to the blind children e.g. cooking, washing cloths & utensils, bathing, and make-up for the girls.

Tri-netra Foundation has been running hostel for blind and low vision children who are coming from remote village of Nepal. The students are getting love, care and homely environment at Tri-netra hostel.

Since 2010, Tri-netra Foundation has been providing educational support to the low vision and blind children to study in different schools with in Kathmandu Valley. Currently, Fourteen students are receiving such support.